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About me

Music is in the core of my soul.

The beautiful sounds that one can create while playing wind instruments have been accompanying me ever since I started playing the recorder as a seven-years-old girl in Haifa.


Music has always been for me a means of communication with people. Since childhood I have always enjoyed performing on stage and sharing it with my audience. In various ways, with various instruments: historical oboes, the recorders family, shawms, pipe and tabor… I feel as if I speak to the audience with whichever wind instrument I blow.  

I enjoy playing and listening to many kinds of music from different styles and eras.

I like instrumental music very much, where the language of sounds seems on one hand abstract, while on the other hand remains very direct and communicative.

I love groove.  


In the past 12 years I have been living in Basel, Switzerland, where I studied and graduated from the Schola Cantorum Basiliensis. I have been playing ever since with various ensembles and orchestras, both as a soloist and chamber music player.  

I love teaching music to people, with whom I share my knowledge of playing wind instruments and my approach to music making. I have been teaching music ever since 2003 in the desert of Israel. For the past 7 years I have been teaching in Zofingen and in Basel (CH). I also give masterclasses and workshops. 

Studying the Alexander Technique in parallel with music making has enabled me to play better, among other major benefits, and begin to share this constructive way of living with people.  

Other things that make me happy: being in nature, sitting with a warm cup of tea on my lap, the desert, good food and cooking, good company, my family.  

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